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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artist: Trevor Southey

Trevor Southey was born in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe) in 1940. His African heritage can be traced to European colonists who settled in Cape Town, South Africa in the 17th century. In 1965, he emigrated to the United States, retaining an abiding sense of his African and British origins. He now resides in the bay area.

...he's also my uncle and although he may not be aware of it, I look up to him in many ways.  His work is included in numerous private collections in the United States and throughout the world, ranging from that of actress Brook Shields to Senator and Mrs.Orrin Hatch. His work is also included in a wide variety of institutional and corporate collections.

You can see his portfolio of work on his website www.trevorsouthey.com.

Here are my faves:

Sleep and Sleep


Jonny - this one is hanging in my dining room!

English Oak


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