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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Machiko Agano

Agano Machiko is a Japanese Master Weaver.  She creates large installations using basic techniques and equipment and a wide range of materials, including fishing line wire, silk and hand made paper.  I thought it was kind of cool, and if you're interested - you should check out some of her other work.  Google her, or visit her website.

The Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel turns can turn your bike into a hybrid!  You can also control it with your iPhone...it's so rad.  I love this.

See more here.

The Other Face Of Ashley Olsen

‘THE OTHER FACE OF ASHLEY OLSEN’ editorial with Ashley Olsen photographed by Sebastian Faena and styled by Sofia Achaval for VMAN #14 – Fall 2009.

Runway Wednesday: Anne-Sofie Madsen: Maori Collection

Anne-Sofie Madsen is a Danish Design School 2009 graduate.  Her "Tiki-Mania-Maori" collection is really great.

” In traditional Maori art the most dominant, mythical motif is the ‘avianised man’ or ‘bird-woman’. The most important visual art forms are plaiting, relief carving and tattoo. My idea in this collection was to combine (and confront) this with classic, European clothing – in order to express the contrasts and borders between what we see as primitive/civilianized, exotic/classic and barbaric/elegant. “

“My idea was not to create bird suits or folk costumes and I decided not to use feathers in the garments and to ›translate‹ the traditional materials of the Maori. I used shoelaces instead of flax strips and exchanged tattooed skin with leather applied on invisible tulle. ” Anne-Sofie Madsen

3:45 AM survey, yo...

Okay so...I realize that nobody probably cares about my personal life n'shit...but if you do - then you won't mind this post.  It's completely arrogant that I'm even doing this but it's almost 4am, I can't sleep, I'm super bored and look...i'm doing it, ok?  It's a survey.  Yes, like the ones people used to bulletin on Myspace (before Myspace died).  It's tacky but they're oh so fun and it's easy to talk about yourself when you're brain dead, y'know?  So here goes:

Do you have a crush or significant other? i have neither at the moment.

What's the last song you heard? i'm currently listening to an awesome song by HECUBA called when love falls apart - it's great.

Have you hugged anyone in the last 24 hours? i have.  his name is TJ.

When you say you love someone, do you mean it? mostly.

Can you jump rope without falling over? oh yea bitches.

Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow? i don't plan on it, but it may still happen...i'm bumming it up right now.

What were you doing at 9:56 this morning? sleeping in...

Do you still talk to any of your ex's? most of them...see how mature I am?!  ha!

Would you ever dress up as a garbage can?  no

Are you home alone or is it a full house? i am the only one awake...

Do you care about the environment? very much so.

What color are your nails right now? my nails are nekked right now.

Who did you last speak to? elie

Were you alone on your last birthday? no...:)

Do you have any tattoos at the moment? i do.

Do you just hate winter? i just hate the weather...make sense?

Who did you last call a hooker? i don't call people hookers...that's just wrong.

Do your parents enjoy your company? i hope so.

Did anyone brighten up your day today? mr. sun.

When did you last bake something? the oven and i are not friends.

How are you feeling right now? i am actually very tired.

Do you think you're a good significant other? the best.

Can you cut your own hair and it actually come out well? i have before, and it went well...i wont do it again.

What is your favorite color in the whole wide world? no.

Are there always consequences for your actions? i believe so.

Has your heart ever been broken? yes, and i cherish every memory...y'know, the whole 'what doesn't hurt you, makes you stronger' thingy?

Can you commit to one person and one person only? sure.

Have you ever regretted getting drunk the next morning? no regrets.

Do you still care for your first love? who?

Have you ever kissed someone and were totally grossed out? ha...kissing can be kind of gross, period. 

Are you really cold right now or are you warm? hmmm...im not really cold, but i am slightly cold...but my feet are pretty toasty because i have socks on - wait, what was the question?

Is it easy for you to get sick? getting sick is never easy, fool.

Have you bled from anywhere in the last couple of days? nunya.

Are hugs or kisses better? they both make me sort of claustrophobic...

Would you ever date your best friend? isn't that the point?

What is the last beverage you consumed? water

Do you enjoy donuts? donuts are fine, cupcakes are better.

Are you easily scared by scary movies? yes, and i like it.

Was today a great day? it was decent.

Is there something bothering you right now? i'm slightly bothered that blogger doesn't have an option to spell check my post...i'm really too tired to think of anything deeper.

What's your name? Shandi The Coolest.  yea!  first, middle, last.  for real.  :D

Oh Man...

...I really want this!

Can't afford it. (pouting)  Buuuuut - I can afford this:

ooooh...aint it purty??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DCist Exposed Photography Show

When: March 6 - March 21, 2010
Where: Long View Gallery - 1234 9th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

This will be one of the first actual events I go to for Into The Ninth, and if we have any readers in the DC area, I would love to see you there!  Hopefully, I can save for the new camera I want so I can share some quality photos of the experience with you all afterwards.  I have a couple photog friends who have said good things about this exhibit, so it should be a good time.  :)

"Believe it or not, this year marks the fourth annual DCist Exposed Photography Show. For three years in a row, we've had the pleasure of working with local galleries to show off the stellar work of our photography community. We conceived the exhibit in 2005 as a "thank you" to our thousands of contributors -- our Flickr pool currently has over 2500 members and nearly 70,000 images. Just over five years ago, when DCist.com was just a tiny speck of the Internet, we started asking readers to submit images that we could use to illustrate our posts, and the success of that endeavor is part of the reason the site has grown to the readership it has today.

We can't give thanks enough to Warehouse for taking a chance on us that first year, Civilian Art Projects for hosting us and doubling the exhibit length, and Flashpoint for wrangling over 1,000 opening night visitors in freezing February weather. But in each of the past three years, we've always run into one problem: the venues have been, shall we say, a tad too small for our needs.

So in 2010, we give you: Long View Gallery, the massive, 5,000 square foot, newly renovated art gallery just two blocks from the Mt. Vernon/Convention Center Metro. DCist is planning this year's opening night to be bigger than ever, with one very special guest: room to breathe! Along with a toast to the DCist Exposed contest winners, we're working on a few other surprises to make this an even more exciting all-over celebration of local photography. Sponsors already in place for this year's event include Ten Miles Square, the Pink Line Project, and Pabst Blue Ribbon."

Tuneful Tuesday: My 2009 soundtrack.

Being late has become the norm for me in the past few weeks and I'm terribly sorry.  I promise to be more reliable in the future.

This Tuneful Tuesday, I wanted to share with you, my kinda sorta soundtrack for 2009.  These are all songs that made an impact in my life in some way over the past year.

I am one of those nerds who thanks musicians on their facebook pages for songs that "changed" my life, which is like, every other song.  You'de be surprised at how many of them actually write back.  I met my last boyfriend kind of like that, and that, my lovlies, was an absolute blast.  Which brings me to my first song. 

The start of my year was great - I was blissfully in love, I was trying to lose weight and had at that point lost 30 pounds so far.  I was in a long distance relationship with a musician who was traveling the country so as I enjoyed hearing about his adventures, I missed him very very much.  This song is called Two Of A Kind by The Kin.  It was written for me and I share it every chance I get. 

Please check this band out!  I've profiled them before on this blog and they really need to be heard!

Needless to say, the relationship didn't last. We are still great friends though so don't forget to check their band out...The Kin, don't forget. He was probably the most amazing man I will ever meet and I imerged from our relationship a new woman. How great is it to feel like you've gained everything at the end of a relationship instead of feeling loss, huh? It was a great experience.

The next song is called Where I Stood by Missy Higgins.  It's beautiful and the video is pretty fucking georgous too.

see much more after the jump...

The next song is on the list becuase it marks, for me, a time of self discovery.  I'm painfully shy.  Hardly anyone in my life knows that I like to sing.  Let me just say that when I say that I like to sing, I'm talking like, in the shower n' shit.  I always make those youtube cover videos on my webcam, watch them over and over again and then delete them.  I just have never had the balls to sing for any actual, real people.  Anyway, I briefly got over it one drunken night while enjoying some karaoke and my buddy who is a songwriter asked me to perform this song with him at a charity open mic type of gig.  I agreed and proceeded to hyperventilate for two weeks while I waited and practiced on my iphone recorder when nobody was home...only for him to have to cancel.  None the less, I overcame my fear a tiny bit and can only go up from here. 

BTW...when I do grow the balls, the first video will be posted here first.  Cuz you ma fwends...and I love ya.

Brandi Carlile - Hiding My Heart Away

I love Paramore.  I also love Twilight.  I super duper love Robert Pattinson....mmmm....*drool*.  Whoa...where did I just go?  Anyways...with New Moon coming out this past November, I spent a good part of the year slowly re-reading the book to prepare for the movie.  I am such a GEEK!  This is embarrassing.  Here's When I Caught Myself by Paramore.  They did several songs for the Twilight franchise becuase apparantly Hailey is a big fan, which only makes me love her more.

Once was a big indie movie this year and the scene where they recorded this song is my favorite.  I tell you...magic lives in music.

When Your Minds Made Up performed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for the movie Once.

This is also the year that I feel in love with Lady Gaga and re-discovered my love for Metric.

And here are some of the rest of the songs that blew my mind this year:

Aren't they fucking adorable?!?

Ok, so I think I am done now. Have a song that you love I may have never heard of? Tell me about it...I am always on the hunt for rad tunes. I love you. Bye.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Living Off The Grid by 2020?

I am fascinated by the future.  I am also a believer in the possibility of everything changing in 2012...so I contradict myself!  Anyway...if we survive or not, it's still fun to peer into our future and see what it will be like adapting to ever changing earth.  Enjoy this video...I think the "live skin" is soooooo cool. 

Model Monday: Fashionising's Top 10 Models for 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh gee.

wow...that really sucks.  Nicole Kidman at the premier of her new movie NINE.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shandi's Top Ten Worst Dressed Celebrity's in 2009!

Hey friends...Top 10 Worst Dressed, in my own opinion...hope you like it!

So?  What do you think?  Are you mad at me for choosing one of your favorite stars?  Do you think I missed someone who needed to be on the list?  Leave a comment!

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!  What?  It's almost 3 pm?  Shit, I just woke up.  Oh well.
I am heading to mom's house for a wonderful home cooked Christmas meal and I am super excited.  I promise to do better with the dailies starting Monday!  It's been a crazy crazy week for me, and I have been having weird dreams and I lost my J-O-B....sooooo bear with me, yea?

Okay....i love you and again, happy holidays n' shit.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 20 Best Album Covers of 2009!

Hello.  :) 

I just wanted to share with a you an uber sweet list I found on Gigwise - Top 20 Album Covers of 2009.  

The closer we get to the new year, I will probably be sharing many top-something or other of 2009 lists.

Before mp3 players came around, I definately had a bit of a hobby of collecting album covers.  I was already very much into music and buying CD's with every extra penny I made.  I was an organized child so all of my CD's were filed alphabetically and by genre in a nice and tidy CD binder.  I wouldn't throw away the CD covers though, I would tape them to my wall to show them off.  Before long, friends and family would give me their covers and it grew into quite the collection.  I was very proud. 

I don't do that anymore, and I don't even remember to look at the album covers that come with downloaded albums.  The cover scrolling thing ipod does really irritates me.  It's nice to know the art is still alive...so here goes.  Enjoy.

20. Mastatdon - Crack The Skye

19. Dinosaur - Farm

18. The Mars Volta - Octahedron
17. RX Bandits - Mandala

16.Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs

15. Weezer - Raditude

14. Wilco - Wilco (the album)

13. Atlas Sound - Logos

12. Morrissey - Years of Refusal

11. Dan Deacon - Bromst

10. The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love

9. Molina and Johnson - Molina and Johnson

8 The Flaming Lips - Embyronic

7. Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport

6. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

5. Fanfarlo - Reservoir

4. Animal Collective - Marreweather Post Pavilion

3. Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions -awesome band btw!

2. Manic Street Preachers - Journal For Plaque Lovers

And drumroll please......

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Its Blitz

Tadaaa - there it is...Gigwises Top 20 Album Covers of 2009!  Woot woot!

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