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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3:45 AM survey, yo...

Okay so...I realize that nobody probably cares about my personal life n'shit...but if you do - then you won't mind this post.  It's completely arrogant that I'm even doing this but it's almost 4am, I can't sleep, I'm super bored and look...i'm doing it, ok?  It's a survey.  Yes, like the ones people used to bulletin on Myspace (before Myspace died).  It's tacky but they're oh so fun and it's easy to talk about yourself when you're brain dead, y'know?  So here goes:

Do you have a crush or significant other? i have neither at the moment.

What's the last song you heard? i'm currently listening to an awesome song by HECUBA called when love falls apart - it's great.

Have you hugged anyone in the last 24 hours? i have.  his name is TJ.

When you say you love someone, do you mean it? mostly.

Can you jump rope without falling over? oh yea bitches.

Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow? i don't plan on it, but it may still happen...i'm bumming it up right now.

What were you doing at 9:56 this morning? sleeping in...

Do you still talk to any of your ex's? most of them...see how mature I am?!  ha!

Would you ever dress up as a garbage can?  no

Are you home alone or is it a full house? i am the only one awake...

Do you care about the environment? very much so.

What color are your nails right now? my nails are nekked right now.

Who did you last speak to? elie

Were you alone on your last birthday? no...:)

Do you have any tattoos at the moment? i do.

Do you just hate winter? i just hate the weather...make sense?

Who did you last call a hooker? i don't call people hookers...that's just wrong.

Do your parents enjoy your company? i hope so.

Did anyone brighten up your day today? mr. sun.

When did you last bake something? the oven and i are not friends.

How are you feeling right now? i am actually very tired.

Do you think you're a good significant other? the best.

Can you cut your own hair and it actually come out well? i have before, and it went well...i wont do it again.

What is your favorite color in the whole wide world? no.

Are there always consequences for your actions? i believe so.

Has your heart ever been broken? yes, and i cherish every memory...y'know, the whole 'what doesn't hurt you, makes you stronger' thingy?

Can you commit to one person and one person only? sure.

Have you ever regretted getting drunk the next morning? no regrets.

Do you still care for your first love? who?

Have you ever kissed someone and were totally grossed out? ha...kissing can be kind of gross, period. 

Are you really cold right now or are you warm? hmmm...im not really cold, but i am slightly cold...but my feet are pretty toasty because i have socks on - wait, what was the question?

Is it easy for you to get sick? getting sick is never easy, fool.

Have you bled from anywhere in the last couple of days? nunya.

Are hugs or kisses better? they both make me sort of claustrophobic...

Would you ever date your best friend? isn't that the point?

What is the last beverage you consumed? water

Do you enjoy donuts? donuts are fine, cupcakes are better.

Are you easily scared by scary movies? yes, and i like it.

Was today a great day? it was decent.

Is there something bothering you right now? i'm slightly bothered that blogger doesn't have an option to spell check my post...i'm really too tired to think of anything deeper.

What's your name? Shandi The Coolest.  yea!  first, middle, last.  for real.  :D

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