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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The XX: Basic Space

Nick just waits to fly
Easy to take
You could take me in for us
Make me a deal
A day apiece
Take it off, just stay a week

I'll take you in pieces
We can take it all apart
I've softened shipwrecks right from the start
I've been underwater
Breathin' out and in
I think I'm losin' where you end and I begin

Basic space
Don't look away
When there's nothin'

I'm setting us in stone
Piece by piece before I'm alone
Airtight before we break
Keep it in
Keep us safe

This pool of boiling wax
I'm giving in that is sick
Got to fill this in
Gotta just?
Why don't we learn how to keep what I have

Basic space
Don't look away
When there's nothin'

Hot wax
Has left me with a sign
Wouldn't know if I've been left behind
Second skin
Second skin

I can let it out
I still let you in
I can let it out
I still let you in

Friday, October 30, 2009



Cooooooool, I wannit...and it can be attached to the wall with only one screw!

Oh Snap!

Inside a Strange Garden is a great blog, perfect for Sunday afternoon reading...don't ask me why...

...it just feels right.

The store though is the reason why I'm sharing the blog with all four of my readers.

The jewelry is so unusual.

As a believer in the 2012 theory, you can imagine why I ran like lightening to get my credit card to

purchase this beauty

...but sadly, it's "coming soon" so I will have to wait.


White translucent plastic disk, with text taken from the 1980's Civil Defense pamphlet, Protect and Survive -- together with a metal panic button. On a silver plated chain. Size approx: disk one inch; chain 24 inches.


"You're voice has opened my heart"


French 'Your Voice Has Opened My Heart' necklace. White/silver coloured metal with cross charm. Size: chain approx 22 inches; heart just under one inch.



The Kin

I was cleaning my room this morning when this song came on my ipod...I had to sit down because I got dizzy.  This song, this band, these boys...are beautiful!

Isaac and Thorry Koren are brothers from Australia.  They are currently based out of NYC and they've just released they're new album "The Upside".  Check them out...I know you'll love them!

Keep checking in for more about The Kin as they are not only my friends, but one of my favorite bands!


H&M's Fashion Studio is great fun!

Create your own fashion at H&M!

ooooh...how YOU doiiiin?

Pa Pa Pa Poker Face!

It's so good.

In Your Heart

Tartine at ShopStyle


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Grassy Lawn Charging Station

This super fresh charging station has a compartment underneath to hide all the power adapters and cables!  I think it would make for an awesome Christmas gift for the coolest friend you have...wink wink.  ;-}

Find this sweet gadget here!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Attack of the show's Chris Gore plugs the Chuck Palahniuk documentary

I had heard much about Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk...so naturally I had to check him out. I had a free audiobook credit through my emusic.com account so I picked the first audiobook by Chuck that came up, called Pygmy. I fucking love this book. Next, I would like to read (actually read) his newest novel Tell All, but I will have to wait because it's not due out until May 2010.The vid also mentions a bit about the re-release of Natural Born Killers with some bonus stuff that wasn't on previously released copies...this is one of my all time favorite movies, Julliette Lewis is bad ass!MOVING ON...they talk about the Chuck Palahniuk doc only during the last few seconds but eh, I wanted to blog it anyways because he's great and it should be watched.

Nuts for Chucks (...eh, does that even rhyme?)

The best cities to meet men!

The best cities to meet men!

Check out this informative article listing America's best (and worst) cities to meet men.

We (DC) came in at #6!  Ha!


Artist: Trevor Southey

Trevor Southey was born in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe) in 1940. His African heritage can be traced to European colonists who settled in Cape Town, South Africa in the 17th century. In 1965, he emigrated to the United States, retaining an abiding sense of his African and British origins. He now resides in the bay area.

...he's also my uncle and although he may not be aware of it, I look up to him in many ways.  His work is included in numerous private collections in the United States and throughout the world, ranging from that of actress Brook Shields to Senator and Mrs.Orrin Hatch. His work is also included in a wide variety of institutional and corporate collections.

You can see his portfolio of work on his website www.trevorsouthey.com.

Here are my faves:

Sleep and Sleep


Jonny - this one is hanging in my dining room!

English Oak




They're only $38!


Biker Brigade: this season's hottest trend is the biker jacket!

la la laaaaaa

BLACK: mysterious evoking a sense of potential and possibility

I saw this browsing through Burcin's stylebook and thought this stuff was kind of gothic and glamorous at the same time. Click on any peice for more info. Enjoy my very first post...hihihihi! *-*
Christian Lacroix at ShopStyle
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