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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She's Expensive

(trendland)  **I love trendland.com if it isn't obvious!

Conny Droher used to be a fashion designer who recently returned to doing what she loves most, creating fantastic illustrations that combine photography in their final composition.

Strange, Indeed.

...and i like it.

The Kouklitas

Andrew Yang is a brooklyn based artist and illustrater.  He has created these fantastic tiny dolls called Kouklitas.  They're 100% handmade and they're for sale!  Check out Andrew's website!  I kind of neeeeeed the Rick Owens doll shown above all the way to the right.

Aren't they cute!!??

Oh, and the blog is pretty fucking great too.

Ash to Ash

Ash Stymest is georgous!  His hair, his tattoos, his jaw line...perfect.  :)

The Girl From Atlantis

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girl's Weekend Out

So a new friend of mine showed up at my house on Saturday morning for a shoulder to cry on and we ended up in Ocean City, MD.  It was a great trip with so many adventures that I will remember for years to come.  It truly was therapy for my partner in crime who is going through some shit I couldn't imagine having to deal with and I hope she finds her way out safely...and happy...she deserves it. 

We stayed at this wonderful place called Harrison's, where mama and papa Harrison kept close eye.  We had a skeleton room key that looked straight out of the 1700's and good thing the door locked because the creepy Russian pimp next door definitely had big plans for us had we let our guard down.

We spoke in accents, played wing man for hours, and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic which was a first for us California girls.  We also got the privilege of catching this awesome reggae band at Seacrets called The Movement.  I had wet dreams about them all night last night.  TMI, I know.  Check them out.

I'm thinking of going back the weekend after next and taking my little one with me.

Now I'm severely sunburned but utterly happy and relaxed.  I'm not even bothered by the sand embedded in my hair and all over my sheets, just tiny reminders of paradise.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's Sway

Hey Y'all!

I missed you, I did.

Anyway...soooooo if you didn't know, I am pretty much obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance.  Y'know, the show?  Dance Day is July 31st to promote health, fun and uhhhhhh DANCE, duuuh.  One cool thing is that you can learn a Nappytabs routine by watching the video below, or you can go to Dizzyfeetfoundationp.org and learn it there...so that's fun...not to mention they're like one of the dopest pair of choreographers EVERRRRRR.

Here is one of my favorite Nappytabs routines by Chelsea Hightower (also seen on Dancing with the Stars) and Mark Kanemura (recently seen as a homolicious dancer in Gaga's Alejandro video....EPIC).  Watch it!

...and another, by Katee and Joshua. you can go to the 2:00 mark to skip all the introductions n'shit.

You will be seeing more of my favorite dance routines during this season, so I hope you're into it.  Well, are ya?

Before I go...I want to wish my BFF Frances a very happy birthday today!

Thursday, June 17, 2010




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rebel love

I've been stretching my ear lobes for about a year now and my hole's are still pretty small (sounds great, yea?)...I would like to go bigger now but my boss is a bible banger and might fire me.  First I guess I should maybe get a haircut that hides my ears but I don't know how to let go of my long hair.

Anyway...here's some inspiration from the tumblr FUCK YEA STRETCHED EARS.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram

Wake up...
You're getting high on your own supply.
Oh, baby...
You're still alive when you could of died.
The world is not around because of you.
You know I'm not around because of you.

You've got a mouthful of diamonds
and a pocket of secrets.
I know you're never telling anyone
because the patterns, they control your mind.
Those patterns take away my time.
Hello, goodbye.

You tell the truth when you could of lied.
And troubles...
Are on the rise cause you're in disguise.
And if it isn't me
Then pack your bags and leave.
I wish I could believe
the devils won't take you back out to the salty seas.

You've got a mouthful of diamonds
and a pocket of secrets.
I know you're never telling anyone.
Because the patterns, they control your mind.
Those patterns take away my time.
Hello, goodbye.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekday Mornings...

(all pictures are from tumblr, none are my own)

...I use public transportation.  And weekday evenings too.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't you evah!


sorry for all the unhappy endings.

i still love you.

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