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Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Snap!

Inside a Strange Garden is a great blog, perfect for Sunday afternoon reading...don't ask me why...

...it just feels right.

The store though is the reason why I'm sharing the blog with all four of my readers.

The jewelry is so unusual.

As a believer in the 2012 theory, you can imagine why I ran like lightening to get my credit card to

purchase this beauty

...but sadly, it's "coming soon" so I will have to wait.


White translucent plastic disk, with text taken from the 1980's Civil Defense pamphlet, Protect and Survive -- together with a metal panic button. On a silver plated chain. Size approx: disk one inch; chain 24 inches.


"You're voice has opened my heart"


French 'Your Voice Has Opened My Heart' necklace. White/silver coloured metal with cross charm. Size: chain approx 22 inches; heart just under one inch.



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