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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shoe Umbrella, Yo!

These are so freaking cool!  They're supposed to be like umbrella's for your shoes!!!  I mean, I should have thought about this long ago and I would be filthy rich by now.  The idea is that you throw these on over your heels when it's wet outside to protect your *ahem* investments and they stay dry while you still look fresh, ya dig?

When I was in high school, I had to walk through a grassy field (that turned into a muddy disaster whenever it rained) to get to school every morning and to protect my kicks, I was forced to wrap plastic grocery bags around my shoes.  It got the job done but I looked like a hot mess showing up in the school yard with Safeway bags as feet, not to mention the hassle it was to get the muddy bags off of my shoes without mucking up the rest of my outfit...oh man, life was SO hard!!

They come in the pink, shown above (barf), green, yellow and black.  Shuella sells them for about $50 and they come with a zippered pouch.

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