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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm not fat, I'm just big boned.

Alright, so this bitch looks like a drag queen...but I'm really digging the rest of V Magazine's "Size Issue" photo shoots (that we've seen so far). 

Hopefully, the fashion industry will open up a little more to us average sized girls!  I will die when TopShop starts offering extended sizes...there are just some things I can't squeeze all my sexiness in to...;D  If it doesn't stretch...it aint happening!

But hey, my dimensions may be a little different than the skinny minies...but I'm still pretty proud of what I got and I can strut my stuff like any other and look just as good.  So with all of the attention these editorials have gotten so far, and with the quality of the styling and photography...

...I really think the road is paved for a bright future for fat girls!


1 comment:

Lizz said...

Am loving the blond girl in the blue bandage outfit!

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