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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

E.V. Day: Mummified Barbies And Bride Fights

Who is E.V. Day?

E. V. Day (born 1967, New York) is a New York based installation artist and sculptor. Day’s work explores themes of feminism and sexuality, while employing various suspension techniques and reflecting upon popular culture.

E.V. Day first caught my eye when I saw her 'Bride Fights' exhibition (2006).  {{Swoon}}  Don't ask me where or how I discovered her because I don't remember, (I'm sure it was more of a stumble than anything else since I'm usually falling into my passions vs. seeking them...I'm clumsy, aren't I?), but I have religiously followed her and have been inspired by her work ever since.

I find her concepts to be breathtaking and I'm way fascinated.  From flying thongs to brawling cat skeletons suspended in a cage to exploding wedding gowns...what can't she do with a little bit of wire and a whole lot of crazy?

So much of her most intriguing creations, if you ask me, involve deconstructing pop culture regalia and even blow up dolls, re-sculpting them with fishing wire and lighting them up in the knarliest way...if gives me the chills, yo!

Like, I totally get it.

I love her work immensely and I would highly suggest that you study up on her if you are at all into installation artistry or...fuck, if you're into art, period.  This shiz is dope.

Below: "Mummified Barbies" 

oh, and...

"Bride Fight"


Vinda Sonata said...

awesome interior design, what an ethereal place! the mummified babies are kinda cute.. in a creepy way. ;)
thank you for sharing :)

Lizz said...

Wow that Bride Fight installation is amazing.

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