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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday: It's Pomplamoose y'all!

Can I just say one more time that I love geeksontheinside!  I am not at all inspired today...but while browsing geeksontheinside this morning I ran across Pomplamoose and now I'm all pumped up, and freaking loving it!!!

Pomplamoose is an awesome musical compilation between San Franciscans Nataly Dawn and her boyfriend Jack Conte.  They're both fantastic on their own (check out their youtube pages), but together they make over a lot of today's most popular songs, which is a great joy to watch and hear...however, it's their own music that caught my ear (hey, that rhymes!).  Here's a song I really like called 'Little Things':

What sets Pomplamoose apart from their influences is the fact that they do all of their own stunts. That is, every instrument you hear on their tracks, from drums to the piano to the xylophone to the accordion to the finger sliding along the edges of a wineglass, was produced by Conte and Dawn themselves and then multi-tracked and mixed for your listening pleasure.

Their music videos showcase the amount of work (and fun) that goes into making your own music by adopting a new medium known as the “VideoSong”. VideoSongs follow two simple rules:

What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice), and if you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).  -(from the pomplamoose website)

Here they do a cover of Beyonce's 'All The Single Ladies':

You have got to check them out...these fools (just kidding, they're not fools...they're so cute and awesome) need to be signed...but then again, maybe they don't...I don't want them ruined like so many other great indie bands (I wonder if they consider themselves a band.....hmmm) who get signed and turn into mainstream, watered down, pop douches. 

Anyway, here some more of my favorite videos by Pomplamoose: 

PS. don't forget to check out geeksontheinside...they didn't ask me to do this, I doubt they even know I exist but I really dig them and shit, my whole thing on intotheninth is trying to show you all the coolest of the coolest of things...and they're pretty damn cool

So, yea.  I love you.  See ya.


Fashion By He said...

very cool blog

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Shandi said...

Hey thanks! I'm already a daily reader of your blog, it's so awesome!

Fashion By He said...

yea He is not the best artist in the world...probably closer to one of the worst

leave the drawings to you!

Shandi said...

:)...oh well you are obviously creative soooooo the only reason i said that becuase you know how on perezhilton.com he writes on his pics...like you do, they use a drawing pad so it looks all smooooth and pretty n'shit.

anyway...it doesn't matter, He is still great. Keep doing what you do!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you are just too sweet, I'm getting a little misty eyed here, thanks for the link and sweet words, we do love it!! And I'm in love with the Pomplamoose songs as well, the night I found them on youtube I got all hyper about the concept and their sound, so thank you for spreading the word...


Eva - geeks on the inside

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