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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haunting Dreams of Beksinski

Is it weird that I cried today while looking at the works of late polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski?

That may seem a little strange considering the nightmarish qualities of his creations...like, why would someone of right mind be moved by images so frightening, yea?  I don't know...but for me, I felt the pain of a child living in war, the silence of a gagged soul, the fantasy of a post apocolyptic world lurking with aliens, demons, zombies and skeletons.

Beksinski did not title any of his works and claims that there was never a reference or a meaning in relation to his paintings.  He also didn't care to know how they were interpreted by his fans and followers.  The artist even went as far as burning certian pieces of his own art in his backyard because they were "too personal".  Although I find it hard to accept that these beautiful paintings have no story, I like that I get to make up my own meaning...imagine my own story.

BeksiƄski was never formally trained.  He hated silence, and always listened to classical music while painting.

Zdizislaw Beksinski was murdered in his home on Febuary 21st, 2005 by the teenage son of his longtime friend and caretaker after refusing to loan the boy some money.

He will now be on the list of my all time favorite artists along with Salvador Dali and Camille Rose Garcia!

Who is your favorite artist?

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