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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Let's talk about the Grammys, YO!

I haven't watched the Grammys yet, but I will tonight.  I think overall...these fools looked ridiculous.  I'm all about trying to stand out as an individual or whatever...but seriously Lady Gaga, it was a little overboard...I still love your bitch ass though becuase you is fierce! 

*snap *snap *muthafuckin snap

I think Jennifer Hudson looked FABULOUS!  I loved her dress, her hair, her makeup...everything.  You go girl!  Jennifer Nettles (below) looked great too.  Both Jennifers wore Victoria Beckham, go figure.  Miley wasn't too bad...I don't think the dress was age appropriate...like she's one extra long stride away from vajay exposure...but we're all used to that by now...coughbritneyspearscough...wink. 

Rihanna was ehh...Katy Perry looked like a dumbass as usual...and Ciara, in my opinion looked like Ru Paul, just a bit more masculine.  Both Taylor Swift and Beyonce looked ok, but haven't we seen them wear that before??  No?  Seems like it.

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LadyGaga said...

I loved Leah Michele's dress! Omg, why is she like the best dressed at these award shows now? Read my Grammy review and preview on my blog at http://lightcameradrama.blogspot.com/.

Are you so excited for the Oscars?!

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