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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Runway Wednesday: Split Pea Vintage: Spring 2010 Look Book....and some.

Split Pea Vintage sells items for men and women.  I am really into their faux fur jackets and cool vintage bags.  Very affordable too!

Split Pea Vintage specializes in high quality vintage clothing. Our one of a kind treasures are all carefully handpicked, with quality and uniqueness in mind, thus making it impossible to find elsewhere. We appeal to the discriminate shopper with an individual sense of expression and an eye for superior quality + fashion.

Split Pea Vintage is for fashion lovers + vintage addicts.

I love how their models look like normal people...I can even see some cellulite on the back of the girl's legs in some pics.  Niiiiiice.
See?  The jacket she's wearing is only $42!
Low V Peplum Blouse - $18

Ruffle Tie Mini Dress - $42

Patchwork Mini Napsack - $19

Ankle Cowboy Booties - $30

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