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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Hello Thursday.  These are things I love:

Sarah Williams' baggage; my iPhone/lifeline; having a job; A Landing Not Totally Under Control; peanut butter on my pancakes; Tabatha's Salon Takeover; For The Love Of Ray Jay; Real World DC; reality tv in general...I can't lie...I love it; crushing on ________ and hating him at the same time; lazer tag; Words With Friends - does anyone else play?  Send me your username!  I will beat you.  :); japanese barcodes; James Sawyer and his stupid hair; Ghost lamps; the smell of wet concrete; my mom!; vintage books about how to "train" your children; Romeo; random phone calls from the boy who got away; thinking about the good times; swagbucks and my old friend Joey for telling me about it; the end of the Snopocolypse...at least we hope; orgasms; orgasms; orgasms; Playboy channel; REAL Hip Hop music; British Documentaries; IFC channel; people watching; my new blog friends; cupcakes; Modest Mouse; dogs.

I have to admit that it took a lot to try and think about things I love today...me kind of depwessed...I think it has something to do with the snow, lack of sex and being unemployed.  BUT BUT BUT BUT...there's always tomorrow, right?  Everything passes with time and I have always survived knowing that.

My Favorite Post's From Blogs That Inspire Me:

Whitman, Massachusetts by he then added his sister, with teeth.
potpourri by have a biscuit, yo
Early Birds of Summer by Here and There
Good Morning, New York Fashion Week by I know what you wore last summer
Myles Cooper "PUSH HUSH" by Cobain in a Coma
Hannah Schneider video by Plastic Kid

(my brother and my son posing in the blizzard)

See you guys tomorrow for Black Friday.

Mwen renmen'w!

PS. just another reminder that I totally bit off of Gala Darling's style by doing Things I Love Thursday...I just want to be sure I give her props for that and I don't want to be a scally wag.

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