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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Good Morning all...I am in an exceptionally good mood today considering I have been a grumpy half dead lately...sorry for that, ruining V-day and all.  These past days, I seem to teeter totter on the line that seperates the good and bad of my inner self...I'm learning how to fall into the good side,  after all - flowers and summer air and candied hearts feel better than bloody knees and razor blades...don't they?

Anyway...I am returning to earth to show you what I'm loving this Thursday:

Alexander McQueen's brand lives; morning sunshine beaming through my window; this outfit; BLUE HAIR; paper wigs; peanut butter toast; forgotten rolls of film found in my underwear drawer...I can't wait to see the photos, such mystery!; "special" brownies; going to the library and sitting down with the most random reading material I can find; run for cover, motherfucker;  my son's new saying, said proudly every night before being tucked in: "Mama, I love you more than bacon!"...that little boy lives for bacon; bougainvilleas and snap dragons and moonflowers, oh my; my grandmother's garden transformations; free books in the mail; move over Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck's here; getting to see the Hope Diamond, spend an hour hanging with apes, and learning about evolution...all in one day, not a penny spent; organizing...and even better, throwing away; weekend trips to NYC by Chinatown bus; Polyvore creations!  

oh yea...I also love KassemG...his one pack is so hot!

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pilcuis said...

so nice that you are in such a good mood


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