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I'm Shandi. I hope you like it here. I don't say much with words...but instead I speak to you with music, images, and by showing you everything i love in art and fashion. if you follow me, i will follow back and we can feed off of eachother. i love comments and feedback. thank you for coming. please stay.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back To The Start...

There was once a time when I lived, breathed, and ate hip hop, r&b, and reggae music.  My taste has changed a bit but I have never forgotten my first love.

Bar-b-q's at Dan Foley Park, bobbing heads to the stars of our hometown, lowriders bouncing, mean muggin', Newports, Pooh, The Crest.

Long walks home, who said what, Chewy Gomez, bitches from the hill, flannel shirts and reebok classics, Louisiana street, 1994, black lipstick and cat eyes, hey boo.

Street knowledge, meet me at the playground, craps on the corner, homies, white girl...she's down, V-town, buses to Fairfield, Oakland, and the Bart, old school, our city, 10 minutes to Napa, can you imagine?

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