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Monday, March 29, 2010

Snatch and Meat Festivals

Spring in Japan is the season for cock and vag, y'all!

Well actually, for having babies.  Japan has one of the lowest birthrates in the world so every year they celebrate a series of festivals to bring fertility and a good harvest to the people.  This has said to be going on for about 1,500 years!

I am totally down to party for the sake of cunt and johnson.

Fluffy kebobs and hot dogs?

Dick and Mary?

Spunk stick and Poo nanee?

I'm having way too much fun here.

Happy Monday!


Kate said...

Bahaha that's awesome! Similarly, ever see a statue of a tanuki? It's basically a raccoon-dog with massive testicles, often holding a sake bottle. You know, like this.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Are you kidding me!!? Is this for real?? Hahaha. I'm gonna ask my Japanese American sis-in-law if she's ever been to this :) xo

Lady Mel said...

1st and second pictures scares me. lmao.

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