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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love...

Grilled cheese sammiches (I type this as I am stuffing one in my mouth, yo); Gaga Barbie - so so cute!; organization; Blog You Motherblogger (one of my new most favoritest blogs); my friend Jamee raving about my blog over this past weekend and making me feel so so so so good; my mama, always; CURRENT TV- that's my shit; picking my boogers when nobody's looking; my chucks; Tilly's awesomely cool swim suits; weed, sex, and mixing the two is even better; finding family on facebook; this video:

Things I'm Loving to Read:

OMGWTFBBQ by Emma Whatever
What's Done, Is Done. by Hope Chella
Song of the Week by 101 Things I Love

Tilly's Women Clothes - 728x90

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