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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tom McBride and the Whig Party

Hey guys!  I've missed you.  Although last week was full of posts, I have not actually been online for over a week!  Technical difficulties are a bitch.  Pre-planning is not.
I come to you now from the Borders cafe in good ol' Springfield, VA.  Thank the gods for free WiFi!

So, I went to go see a band called Tom McBride and the Whig Party at a cool little place called Iota in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington.  The lead singer, Tom McBride (total hottie) (married with baby), is a friend of my mom's.  They're so fantastic.

The bass player was totally my cup of tea but I was too shy to spit my game (non-existent, actually) on him so my mama took it upon herself to mention my little crush to McBride's wife, who said she would see if he had a girlfriend and/or some interest in me...we'll see how that goes.  ; D. 
I'll be posting video and pictures as soon as I get them uploaded, promise.  Here's a youtube vid I found, sans the rest of them band.  The song is called "cheap thrill"...they played it at the show.

I really think you will like this band.  You can download their music on itunes.

Also, and this is kind of exciting (for me anyway), my very first giveaway is here!!  I will be giving away Tom McBride and the Whig Party's latest album titled "Like A Lion". 
I'm keeping the rules simple, just take a look at their myspace page, then leave a comment below about what you think of the band. 
Make sure to leave your email address or blog link so that I can notify you if you've won and get shipping your information. 
You can earn extra entries for becoming a google follower, twitter follower, or linking this post from your blog.  Just put in in your comments and I will choose the winner by random and make the announcement two weeks from now on Wednesday, April 7th.

Good Luck!

I should also mention the opening act, Derek Evry.
He was also really really good.  I loved his facial expressions.  Here's a video of him performing an original song called "Without You".  My favorite lyric?  "I could kill you if you leave."...haha...that's my kind of song.  Check him out on his band's myspace page here.

I love you.  See you soon.

We hope.

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