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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday y'all!  I'm currently sitting on my living room floor with one of my oldest friends who is also my fiercest enemy.  Silence helps.  We're connected by mutual confusion, and we're just fine. 

Last night was fun.  Frozen treats, board games, fried chicken and friends galore.  I just have to say that getting humdinger four times in a row definately sinks the ship.  We were sore losers.

It's been a war zone around here so the PEACE that lives in this very moment means everything to me.  I'm so ready for things to get back to normal again...I need dollas in ma pocket, yo!

I think I might have shared this song before but I love it and it sounds right for the day.


Hope Chella said...

I love this quote :) xx

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

I like the three last photos , the cat one is really cool, the two dresses are pretty and the cookies look delicious !



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