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I'm Shandi. I hope you like it here. I don't say much with words...but instead I speak to you with music, images, and by showing you everything i love in art and fashion. if you follow me, i will follow back and we can feed off of eachother. i love comments and feedback. thank you for coming. please stay.

Sunday, July 11, 2010



Luca Belotti said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and leave a comment. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB


Shandi said...

hey...ya, thanks. you should follow me too, eh? i mean if you really like it, of course.


Tiffany said...

i love that first picture the most! i like those vintage roundish glasses, they make me think of period romances and summer vacations in france!

Shandi said...

oh yea, me too! except i've never been to france. :(

thanks for visiting.


i like the one sitting smoking. i used to eat those pig candies when i lived in holland.

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