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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Flippin' the switch.

hey.  so it's been a year since i blogged REGULARLY.  im sorry if you missed me but chances are you didn't know i was gone, and that's ok. 

i wasn't giving you everything.  i wasn't being true to you.

im turning a new page but i wont promise you the world right now.

i struggle with knowing myself so i think this space might have been confused too, y'know? 

this time around, i wont overthink, ill keep it ghostly and fuzzy, i will keep you in mind but stay close to me, i won't post something just to post something, and i wont leave you when life gets crowdy, or scary, or sad, or mad, or whatever.

i love you.  i really mean that.

good to be back.

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