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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Artist: Mark Khaisman

Ukraine native and Philadelphia based artist, Mark Khaisman uses freaking CLEAR PACKING TAPE to re-create images of all sorts, and it looks so fucking rad, I can't stand it!!

Khaisman calls his work with tape "a conversation with light" and reveals that it all started working with stained glass.  I think it's all genius and I envy his creativity.

He's also working on a more recent project, deconstructing various random images and putting them back together to form patterns...I have to admit those weren't as intriguing for me as the tape art, but still pretty cool.

You can purchase a signed and numbered print for $200 plus shipping + handling.  I can't afford to buy toilette paper right now but I will definitely be bookmarking his site for when I'm rich...bitch.  Just kidding...you're not a bitch.  I was trying to be Rick James, yo.



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