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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Design Without The Ego?

This cool online shop offers all kinds of fun and interesting works by both established and emerging designers.  Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum is the only museum in the nation devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design.  Some of the very best on this site are way too expensive for my taste but fun to gawk at none the less.  All proceeds go toward supporting the museum.

Endless Necklace - $95

A wonderfully simple and beautiful necklace from the brilliant mind of Ron Gilad. No beginning, no end, just closure. Combine two to make a longer necklace, or take it apart and make a bracelet.

Tate Pleats Tote - $52

Kanazu Sen-i's environmentally friendly bags are made using mostly plant- origin materials, which are 100%, biodegradable and do not produce hazardous gases when burned. Materials include a base fabric of polylactic corn fibers, natural cotton threads and buttons made of biodegradable plastic. The fibers are pleated or scrunched to give elasticity, allowing the bags to be folded for easy storage.

Rados Candle - $250

These androgynous figures formed from beeswax are based on wave patterns in the ocean. The flame burns very slowly down the center so they glow from the inside.



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