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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I am down for a space vacation...


...if only I had an extra $4 million laying around!  Still, I have always dreamed of living long enough to see hovering cars, a Jetson-esque meal making machine thingy and to be able to travel to space.

Galactic Suite Ltd, set up in 2007, hopes to start its project with a single pod in orbit 280 miles above the earth, traveling at 30,000 km per hour, with the capacity to hold four dazzled guests and two astronaut-pilots.

More than 200 people have expressed an interest in traveling to the space hotel and at least 43 people have already reserved.  There are critics who think the time frame is unreasonable and

Although, at this point, sipping margarita's while floating through space is still a little far fetched considering the fortune it would cost me and my belief that we're all going to die in 2012...I still can't help but to be excited about the sheer possibility of it all.

What would a trip to the outer regions of the universe be worth to YOU?


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