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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As I mentioned before...I'm moving.  I'm really tired.  I'm proud of myself...because I'm doing it all mostly on my own so I feel kind of like I should be roaring or something...you know, because I am woman??  Get it??

Anyway, this was exactly the pick me up that I needed.  I'm so ready to keep on trucking!

Really...need I say more??  Enjoy:

L’Équipe - Sport & Style

Issue: #19
Editorial: Boot Camp
Models: Chad White, Kerry Degman, Caleb Halstead, Mike Derr, Ryan Bertroche, Chris L., Oraine Barrett, Mischel Ellern, and Jenry Bejarano [partial list].
Stylist: Luciano Neves
Photographer: Richard Phibbs

See more here.


Lazy D Dizzo said...

that "oh my!" comment was exactly what i was thinking in my head when i saw that picture.. nice

Niks La Mode. said...


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