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Friday, January 08, 2010

Bug in a Jug: An ode to Tejan.

Bug in a Jug

Curious fly,
Vinegar jug.
Slippery edge,
Pickled bug.


My little boy Tejan recited this poem in his class today and was so proud to come home tell me about it...anyway, I love that he picked this one.  He most likely chose it because it's short, but I think it's also brilliant!  :)

I love this boy. 

He's the most wonderful child, and I am so lucky to be his mama.  With a kind heart, wisdom and maturity far far beyond his years (sometimes even mine), and his dashing good looks (he said "mooooooooom, that's embarrassing!"when i read that)...TJ is very much loved, not only by me but by everyone who knows him.  He has never gone a day without kissing me on the cheek and telling me "mom, you're the best mom any kid could have."...and if I am ever sad or upset, TJ always know's what to say! 

He's only 7!  I love him more than anything in the whole world and he'll really get a kick out of this becuase when it comes to my blog...he's my biggest fan and cheerleader.

Here are some pics I had laying around.  I can see a part of his personality in each on of these photos.

I painted his face with chalk, I don't think he liked it...I thought he looked like a cute little alien.

This is what TJ does when you tell him to "Go High Fashion".
TJ with my brother and Nancy - July 4th, 2009, DC.

NYE 09/10
T-tight (TJ) and Z Da Blocker (my baby brother zayn)
TJ at Daddy's work - I think he was about 3.
TJ and my little brother Zayn (in black) and a bunch of friends - Halloween 2009

TJ with friends Angelo, Mo, Zayn (left) and sweet Anna (right).

TJ and his first "girlfriend" Annika - 2008

TJ and Zayn (left) and TJ, Angelo and Mo (right).

Isn't my brother Zayn so adorable?  I really don't like kids very much, but my kid is cool and my little brother is pretty rad too.

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Lorien said...

What a wonderful little boy! He's so handsome! And he looks like he's so photogenic and charismatic!

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