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Friday, January 08, 2010

I think I want you still, but it may be pills at work...

(The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century)
What's today?  Oh yea, it's frackin' Black Friday (according to me)...yay, woot woot, *happy dance*, oh yea wassup, *running man*, and ((cheese))...I guess you can tell that I looooooove
Black Friday!

So lets kickstart this awesomely morbid day, with me!...complaining.  I am so in love with silver linings, it's not even funny...so dwelling in misery is not something i get to, or even want to do often.  Today, I wanna. 

I'll just go ahead and list my complaints and then we'll move on.

1. I pissed off my friend, and he doesn't even know it yet.  Last night, after he and my other housemates left for a 5 day snowboarding vacay...I used his bong...and broke it.  :(  I was trying to fucking clean it and I swear I was being gentle and it just fucking broke.  Just my luck man...he's gonna tear me a new one.  And yea, I like to smoke a little grass sometimes...what's the problem?  I'm sorry...that was too much, im grumpy...please don't judge me...it helps with my creativity, ok?

2. The cable has been shut off.  I left my sweet little bro in charge of that for the first time since we've lived together and now it's shut off.  They're gone for 5 days.  I'm totally going to miss Tabatha's Salon Takeover.  Grrrrrrr.
    3. It snowed.  I didn't wake up to a blanket of snow that made everything look fresh and new and beautiful...no...I woke up to that really sketchy dirty snow, the kind that makes ice that you fall on, the kind that looks muddy and I see those patches of brown grass that are poking through the snow everywhere...and for some reason, they make me think of some old greasy man's balding head...or hair plugs.  ew.

4.  I'm hungry.  I don't want a baby spinach salad with fucking lowfat dressing for lunch...I want a fucking Danny's steak and cheese from Maleks Pizza with jalapeno peppers and eggs...and a fucking order of french fries...FUCK!

5. I need "therapy".  For some strange reason, ive been hitting up the baby daddy/ex for some booty pretty often these days and I just have to say that it is just not cutting it for me anymore.  He's all "tell me you love me" and "we're the perfect fit" and "oh yea, that's my girl"...like, you were so 7 years ago...I just want some ass, that's all...SHUT THE FUCK UP!  I need a new booty call...or how about this, self...stop being a bitch and get a boyfriend!

6. My BFF called me a loser - like seriously, WTF!!??  Okay, so I am unemployed right now...so what?  I was wrongly accused of not being awesome and that bitch let me go...and I'm not kidding, my old bosses reason's were a little more complicated than her not enjoying my greatness anymore...but I can tell you that her reasons were shit...yea, I am unemployed, but it aint my fault.  Not to mention, I have still been able to take care of myself and haven't yet had to ask anyone for their help...it's only been a couple weeks and my point is...get off my fucking back!  So what if I'm involved in my blog a little (sike, a lot) more lately...i'm not a loser, damnit...i'm just passing time.  You can only send out so many resume's in one day.

Holy crap.  Now that I have revealed myself as a potty mouthed, trailer park trashy TROLL...I feel much better and I'm ready to move on with my favorite day of the week.  I think sometimes to be able to think positively, you need to let it all go.  Holla!

"kun for mig"

(Marloes Horst by Paul Empson for Black #11 - via papermode)

This next series is a haunting collection of illistrations by CG artist Yock Yoshitaka Kawakami portraying Japanese school girls in a completely out there sort of way, and I love it. (may be NSFW)

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