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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hiya pals...I'm back!

(image courtesy of meetthegrants)

Oh wow...it's like, Wednesday and my last post was FRIDAY!!!! 
I'm so sorry.  I know that nobody really gives a flying you know what...but I still made certain commitments when I started this, even if only to myself, and I should be keeping them, ya dig?

So here goes the excuse...my computer went crazy on me.  I went through hell trying to get help from DELL but they suck...so today, I decided to try and attempt to fix it on my own and I messed with the wires, clicked a bunch of random buttons, blindly changed settings here and there...and by some miracle I fixed my own shit!!!!

I am SO SO SO proud of myself and super excited to not have to fuck with Dell's STUPID USELESS SUPPORT TEAM anymore!!

Plus, I missed you all like crazy so I hope you forgive me and I hope that my readers have not forgotten about me...all three of you.

I have a lot of really cool posts coming up so come on back tomorrow and don't forget that I love you, I really do.

I will leave you with some crazy drunken pictures from the adventure my girlfriend and I went on over the weekend. 

We planned on spontaneously road tripping to NYC, but it didn't work out so we opted instead to party it up locally.  So randomly (sort of...long story), Frances suggested we hit up this waterfront "club" called Oasis in Woodbridge (redneck central). 

I'm no snob, but I just don't really do Woodbridge, if you know what I mean so I was way against it at first.  In the end, we decided to say fuck it and go for fun.

I am so glad we did because it was hilarious!  From dancing grannys to mullets to monster pick ups to missing teeth and beyond...we were definately far from civilization and it showed.

Frances almost got in a fight with some random cunt bag over a bar stool (they both wanted to sit in the same chair *rolling eyes*), I met this very tall African guy (he was kind of cute, reminded me of Mr. Echo from LOST...I put a pic of him below, anybody agree??) but "forgot" to give him my digits, and we danced the night away to honkey tonk music. 

BTW...rednecks are kind of cool if you give them a chance.

Frances and I in the first pic (she looks a little twisted, yes?) and some randoms in the second.

Fight scene

I told him Mr. Echo to take a pic in front of the pick-up truck with the monster wheels (soooo redneck).

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