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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday is here and we all know what that means....

....absolutely nothing.  It's Lazy Sunday darlings.

Meditate lately?  You should....here's how if you didn't know already and below is some great meditation music. 

I don't go to church on Sundays.  I have identified as a buddhist for several years now. 
Kusala Bhikshu is a buddhist monk who lives and works at  the International Buddhist Meditation Center in LA.  I listen to his podcasts, watch his videos, and read his talks...he has been sort of a spiritual guide for me.

If you are buddhist, or are interested in buddhist philosophy and such...you should really check him out...he is really good at helping western born people relate and understand buddhism and how to implement buddhist teaching into modern life.

Here is a video of Rev. Kusala giving a talk on Karma...this is part 1 of 4...the rest can be found on youtube.com.

What I be read'n:

i can do this by because im addicted
I just got this book in the mail yesterday morning...I think I will go get lost in it now.

See you guys later.  I love you :)

1 comment:

pilcuis said...

really interesting, i don't go to church on sundays to I like the view "more spiritual than religious"
nice blog :)


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