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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Man On Wire

My ISP wireless router laptop...uh I don't know, whatever...something has not been working lately so in my absence from Into The Ninth this past week...I have been watching lots of TV and movies.  I watched this BBC documentary yesterday called Man On Wire on the Sundance Channel.

I cried and laughed and all that...it's a wonderful story of passion, love, determination and following your dreams no matter how crazy they are!  Nothing is impossible!  Watching this little cute frenchman walk across a wire suspended from one of the twin towers to the other was visually stunning. 

That man has got some gigantic balls.

It was such a great movie.  Pierre (pictured above) is such an interesting man and his passion for wire walking was really beautiful to me.  He's a great storyteller too.  Check it out!

You can dowload the movie on itunes for $14.99 or rent it for $3.99.

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Erica said...

loved that film!


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