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Monday, January 04, 2010

Trend Alert: Platform Flats?

I just read this article on Vogue.com, and it states that based on the S/S 2010 runway season, it looks like flats are back in...which is freakin' awesome because I still can't comfortably wear heels since a snowboarding accident I had last year.  However, we might be looking at Platform Flats.

Now, I don't know about you but these suckers look a little like grandma's orthopedic sandles to me.  I'm just not really feeling them.  Here's the photo shown by Vogue.com:

...and here is The Aetrex Mandehle Quarter Strap Sandalista a.k.a grandma sandal:

It's a little far fetched...but you do see the similarities, right?

Ok, maybe not...but I really just don't like this.  Remember those black platform flat sandals with the stretchy part that goes over the foot that we all wore in high school?  Ew ew ew. 
(If you don't...im sorry, I couldn't find a picture of them.)

Here are a few more examples:




not bad.

Ok so, just like the overall thing...it could grow on me but what do you think?

Another trend from the 90's!!?? What do you think of platform flats?

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