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Monday, January 04, 2010

Just Babblin'...

photo by M&M-twenty3

Good day babes! It's cold out there, yea?!

I had a job interview this morning' and it was gooooood I tell you, real good. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family who have supported me during all those times, and there have been too many, where I was struggling to find a job.

My problem, I think, is that I have yet to find a job that makes me happy. I have been working in the dental field since my teens and I really like the industry. I get to meet new people every day and help them through what can be very traumatizing for most people...and that's very rewarding for me.

But, in my heart, I am an artist, writer and creator. Sitting behind a desk, processing insurance claims is not the best way to feed my creative soul! Not to mention, I spend the day in scrubs, which don't get me wrong - they're like PJ's...but wearing them day in and day out, coupled with having to hide my piercings, tats, etc. tends to make me feel less inclined to keep up with my own personal style, and that is just NOT COOL!

Dental jobs pay well and the hours are usually pretty good so basically, I have stayed working at these jobs because they allow me to pursue my passions and pay the bills.

But...I tend to end up in offices, supporting crazy doctors...well, they're not doctors, they're dentists (haha....anyone seen the Hangover? So funny...). It happened at my last office and I was so miserable working there, my boss was a crazy woman (we called her Godzilla) and I left in tears almost every day. I worked there for THREE YEARS!

Her letting me go, even if her reason was completely bogus, was the best thing that's happened to me in forever! Yes, I am broke...I have no direction...I don't know how I am going to pay my rent next month - but I'm still the happiest bitch on the block because I get to be myself again, and also with all that negativity gone, my creative juices are once again flowing!

So wish me luck, because it really feels like a new start for me. Those of you who know me, or have read this blog for a while know that I want to be a tattoo artist. Hopefully this little bit of extra time will give me the opportunity to get in some art classes and start hunting for an apprenticeship so that this time, next year...I’ll be starting a life long career doing what truly makes me happy...making art, on people. :)

Thanks for listening! Here's a cool song you probably haven't heard of by Hecuba, called Suffering. They have a unique sound and the video is awesome.

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I love you!

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