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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Godless Mess

Brian M. Viveros is an American Erotica artist who's subject is a fag smoking, tattooed, beat up, bloody, bad ass bitch...that I want to marry. She's hauntingly sexy and rebellious and I just want to look at her dirty face all of the time.

If you're anywhere near Detroit, his work will be exhibited here starting Friday.

....some early work:

...I thought it was funny...


christina said...

These are AMAZING. I I'm looking at his site right now. I love your blog. Thanks for the follow, i'll be following back.

pilcuis said...

i love the images, actually today i was looking for some kind of dead women pictures because i need to make a dress inspired in that!
and voila!! you got them thank you


Aion said...



Shandi said...

hi christina...it's pretty amazing, isn't it? Thanks for following...I also love your blog, but you know that.

pilcuis...im glad these images can be an inspiration for you...i can't wait to see the dress you make...will it be for sale???

aion...im so flattered that you're here, thanks a lot!

Mandi said...

I love this. Just found your blog and reading through it. Linked it from mine because I love it so much. Thanks for sharing!

Shandi said...

wow Mandi, thanks! that means a whole bunch to me. you should send me a link to your blog, i would love to read it. :)

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