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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Playgirl’s Guide To Radical Self-Love!

Good morning, sweet peas!

It's Febuary.  Ok, so Febuary is iiiight; we're one more month closer to Spring, the holiday's are finally over and I think we're all pretty settled in to two-thousand-&-amen.  But......mmmhmmm, there is a but...it's also a month where we celebrate...V-V-V-V-Val-Valeeeeeeee-nnnn...FUCK!...you know what I'm trying to say, right?  Y'know that holiday where you're supposed to like, be all in love n'shit?

Do I sound bitter?

Well, usually I am quite bitter about....you know....that day.

Last year, around this time I was in the middle of breaking up (tear) with who I still believe may have been the love of my life.  The year before...we were falling in love which was beautiful, but still sad because even then...I pretty much knew we weren't going to make it.  He was a musician and he travelled contstantly...I was (am) a single mom who needed to be working and providing a stable and consistent enviroment for my son. 

Ever seen (500) Days Of Summer?  Yea, I was Tom after Summer "moved on"...devastated.  (BTW...if you haven't seen this film, see it!  Really, it is so good.)

This year, I'm single.  I used to really enjoy being single...the freedom to be myself, not having to answer to anyone else, no baggage, no drama, etc. 

However, my relationship with Isaac what so easy.  I didn't have to deal with all of that.  I guess it was one of those healthy relationships everyone talks about?

(haha...yes, I did just do that...shhhh)

So, now that I have had a taste of that kind of relationship...and know that it exists...I want more.  I don't want to be single.  I want an Isaac #2!  Boo hoo.

Anyway...I signed up for OkCupid (best dating website ever!  trust me), I'm trying to be available (apparantly, I'm not very aproachable), and most importantly, I have keep working on self love

Oh man...I can't stress that enough people...SELF LOVE IS SO IMPORTANT!

Since I have already made it clear that I'm spending my Febuary energy on loving myself vs. being all bent out of shape because I'm "alone"...it brings us to something I want to share with all of you.

Whether you're single like me, in a fulfulling and loving relationship, or somewhere in the middle...it's so easy to forget to love yourself.

Gala Darling over at iCing.com has declared Febuary as the month of Radical Self Love!  All month she will be posting tips and motivations on how to love yourself completely.  I will definately be participating and I want you to get involved too...involved in yourself, of course.  You can visit her blog for all of the goodness, but I will be reposting some of her tips...also she says she will be giving us homework assignments that we could do on our own blogs...so I will keep you updated on those as well. 
"I say, it’s time to romance yourself. It’s time for the greatest love affair you will ever know. It’s time for a personal revolution. I say, you deserve to be your own darling! Get enchanted! Bewitch yourself! I say, if not now, when?

Let’s get busy adoring ourselves."    -Gala Darling

**UPDATE: Gala thinks that every girl should own atleast one TUTU...so she's giving one away worth $500!
 Enter here.

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