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Thursday, February 25, 2010

McQueen Funeral Today.

Today, the friends and family of our beloved Lee Alexander McQueen pay their last respects during his funeral in London.  We will miss you and your genius.  His latest collection is expected to show in Paris, early March...I can't wait.

Attendants included Kate Moss, Lady GaGa and Stella McCartney.

Check out this collection for McQueen's secondary lable McQ...it was originally supposed to be released on the day of his death announcement.


christina said...

He and his genius will be truly missed.

spanky* said...

so awful. can you just imagine what that funeral was like? it must have been just amazingly chic, everyone in black McQueen masterpieces.
i don't know if you saw my post on him.


thank you for commenting on my profile photo. i might go w/ number 3. not sure. thanks!


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