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Friday, April 09, 2010

Dumb cat, stupid brother.

I really have to pee right now.  My cat has been locked in the bathroom as punishment for running away from home.  Well, it's not my cat, it's my brother's cat and he locked her in the bathroom so don't start bitching at me!  I'm not like that.  Anyway, that little cunt likes to run away a lot, then she comes back and gives everyone fleas so she deserves it.  Ace Ventura (my brother) thinks that the way you punish children works just as fine for animals...he talks to them like they're humans too.  The thing is that I would never lock my son up in a bathroom...for anything.  I think he should just wack her in the ass with a wooden board with a happy face drawn on it...or a spoon, it's smaller.  I mean, if you're gonna go there...go there, y'know?  He says he's only going to leave her in there for a bit while he goes to PetSmart to buy flea wash so he can bathe her before she infects us all.  I can dig it.  She's a bitch anyway.  I don't think you should treat animals like humans and all, but I do think you can feel for animals like humans...just like I don't like certain people, I don't like his cat.  She's such a whorebag and she acts like her shit don't stink.  Like, it's not my fault she's a slut and is known in the neighborhood for giving it up, so she shouldn't be taking her baggage and dumping on my front step because I don't want to hear it.  God, why won't she shut the fuck up!  Her constant meowing is making me want to eat her for dinner.

So...I don't write a lot of personal stuff on this blog because most of the time my mind is either overflowing with random nothingness or it's completely dormant due to my nightly routine.  It's hard to finish thoughts or sentences sometimes, so trying to type anything worth reading can be impossible.  I feel like I can show you better than I can tell you.

But if you ever read any of my journals, they can be a bit interesting and I think that is because I'm just writing about what's happening in my brain at that very moment...and I know no one is ever going to read it so I nix the filter.

So in an effort to show you all some of who I am...like, really...this was my attempt to tell you what's happening right here, right now.

Hope you dig it...or don't.  At least you're reading, yes?

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