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Friday, April 09, 2010

Kirsten Dunst and I Thank You!

I have always had the hots for Kirsten Dunst.  I just love her face.  I think she looks roaring in this editorial from V magazine.  Photography by Mario Testino and styling by Nicola Formichetti.

Oh and btw...I would like to welcome all new followers...we got 3 today!  I think that's a record and I am giddy giddy giddy.  Thank you for liking me and please know that I love you lots.  I hope you enjoy the blog and if you have any tips, comments, links...or whatever...email me, k?  K?


LiLu said...

I've always kind of despised her (don't hate me!)

But these pics? Are undeniably awesome sauce.

Shandi said...

haha...i don't hate you. i despise nicholas cage and mark wahlberg, and believe me there are many people who don't like me for it. and that's just not fair.

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