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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Runway Wednesday: Japanese Fashion Week Favorites


Hiroko Koshino

Yuma Koshino

Overall, Japan's Fashion Week, who's celebrating it's 10th anniversary, was in my opinion, underwhelming.  Way too much fur...but I suppose fur is "in", which is so bogus considering Uncle Karl's entire collection was fake fur and it was amazeballs, ya dig?

Anyway, who wants to talk about the senseless murder of thousands of cute cuddly creatures for the sake of fashion when the sun is shining so bright outside and days are long and happy?  Not me.

I love you.


Lady Mel said...

Hey! Remember me?! :)

I looked at your picks. And then I remembered the current season of Project Runway.

Do fashion designers these days use bright colors? Alexander Wang is another designer that makes me blah. ALL-black. Come on, use some other colors in your designs. lol.

Shandi said...

I do, how have you been? Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure there's some color out there but I kind of like the gothic look.

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