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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ahem, People's Choice Awards 2010, ok?

Carey Underwood - Christian Cota cage dress - AMAZEBALLS!

Diane Kruger - Herve Leger bandage dress - HOT!

Jessica Alba - Antonio Berardi brocade minidress - Pretty!

Katie Cassidy - Talbot Runhof gown - Original!

Olivia Munn - I have no clue who she's wearing (sorry) - FOR ELIE and all the other nerds, geeks and dorks who worship Olivia...she is really hot.

Hayley Williams - She can do no wrong in my eyes!


Niks La Mode. said...

Girl getting ready to blog about it too Diane is one of my favs! I wasn't too impressed though with the red carpet , looking fwd to the Golden Globes!!! , Grammys and Oscars! :)

Shandi said...

Me too!

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