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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

My Thursdays are homeless. 

Y'see, I am a rebel...I like to live on the edge, say things people might turn their noses up at, dress a little funny, gross people out...but I am also a nerd at heart who loves organization.  Not to mention my ADD keeps my thoughts steadily racing a million miles per hour in my head...so when I started this blog, I wanted to have some sort of structure so that the radness that I throw at you all everyday is not so one note...it's all about variety people. 

We've got Model Mondays, Tuneful Tuesdays, Runway Wednesdays, Black Fridays (my favorite), Sketchy Saturdays, and Lazy Sundays (second favorite).  In the beginning, Thursdays were thrifty, but that got old fast because this isn't meant to be a blog about shopping and I was just lying to myself because I am far from thrifty.  It just didn't feel right.  So then Thursdays became a day for TMI (too much information)...which was fun, but me being the type of girl who's always giving out too much info...I just ran out of confessions worthy of the TMI title...yes, I only did two. 

So I want to follow the lead of my sort of blogging mentor, Gala Darling and try 'Things I Love Thursday'.  What do you think?  I think it could soften the rough edge that is Into The Ninth.

Well...here goes.


Cigarette breaks; Nowhere to Now Here; Victoria Contreras' Jewelry; candy canes; a tiny little spider who meant no harm and lowered himself to watch Shear Genius with me last night; Michael Jackson; being the little spoon (I need a big spoon!); ASOS; my baby boy and his performances; Rabbit Heart - the video is so pretty; Mexican hot chocolate (I don't love 7eleven for not serving it anymore); Radical Self Love; the book Traveling Light by Katrina Kittle; OkCupid (best dating site ever - tons of fun tests and very cool people); Ladyhawke and Metric...equally; my BFF Elie for being such a cock sucking ass hole; saying NO (it wasn't always easy for me to do); listening to my mom's stories of her childhood growing up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe); dreaming; my kitty Tila; Beth Ditto; my readers; playing Modern Warfare...I hate real war and real guns, but this game is so addicting; Beth Ditto; the awesome Dorito commercial that will play during halftime (it's soooo funny); waiting for 2012; classical music and opera; the month of may; random phone calls from my ex who I really should be getting over - but I got one on Sunday - swoooon; hugging my grandma's weimaraner Weezy; full moons; ATB, Tiesto and Armin Van Buren - I once lived for trance music; rolling...although I gave that up when I became a mommy; being a mommy; when Tejan (my son) gets green days at school meaning he's been well behaved and he finished all of his school work; trying to do the moonwalk across the hardwood...i aint never had wood floor before; not using capitol letters at the appRopriate times; dancing like an idiot to this song; Susan Eldridge; Haley Williams and her shining light in the Ignorance video; biting Gala's style - wink - smile.

...aaah, that was fun...and a bit therapeutic too.

One more thing for those of you who are following along with Radical Self Love month:

As soon as I do my homework, I will show you guys...ok?  I would love to hear if any of you are in on this project with me, and the progress you've made.

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pilcuis said...

You like so many beautiful things :)


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