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I'm Shandi. I hope you like it here. I don't say much with words...but instead I speak to you with music, images, and by showing you everything i love in art and fashion. if you follow me, i will follow back and we can feed off of eachother. i love comments and feedback. thank you for coming. please stay.

Friday, April 09, 2010


How people are finding me:

Favorite Reads Right Now:

Ruff Sex by Coilhouse - Ruffles in fashion and history with fun links to follow.
Date My Friend! by gala darling - let Gala find you international playgirls a playboy!
i got friends in low places by DIRTY FLAWS - awesome music/vide oy her musical friends Designer Drugs.
Simple by Style of a Fashionista - her style is so rad, this outfit is a fav for me.

To Do:

1. wash all the dirt and pollen off of my dusty ass.
2. put away the piles and piles of clean clothes off of my floor before they become dirty again.
3. blow out.
3. try to scumbag some sex out of the transient in my bedroom.
4. officially become celebate, again.
5. feed.
6. make my dream board and post it next to my bills board, then cry.
7. catch up on LOST.
8. delete my history so nobody finds out about my pornhub obsession.  oops.
9. stop being so perverted.
10. get a life.

Random Poetry:

It's room tempurature
fragrant breeze
quiet humming
hyper slow
3 points of view
grey air
shadows and killer bees
galactical power
three games
should i?

it's not too bad.
it's so fucking nice outside.


Style of a Fashionista said...

Hey hun thanks for the link. Cool blog btw I will be back. Glad you liked my outfit xoxo

Shandi said...

OH for sure...I like all of your outfits. Thanks for following, makes me feel warm and fuzzy when a blog I'm a fan of becomes a fan of me, y'know? :)

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